At PPI, we offer Certification Courses that provide the opportunity to earn the professional designation of “PPC” (Practicing Perfection® Certified).

During Certification, Tim Autrey rolls up his shirt sleeves and dives into the depths of Practicing Perfection®.   His intent is to provide you, as a participant, with tangible understanding of the underlying complexity (the psychological “triggers”) built into this next-level approach to human performance enhancement.

By gaining this level of awareness, you will understand why the “fast, simple, easy” implementation tactics of Practicing Perfection® are so impactful.  By employing these triggers in your area(s) of responsibility, you will greatly multiply your abilities to influence the behaviors of others.

The Institute offers two levels of PPC Certification…

PPC Level I Certification (Four-Day Curriculum)

By providing an in-depth understanding of the psychology underlying the Practicing Perfection® approach, PPC- Level I Certification builds a strong foundation for those organizational leaders seeking to elevate their ability to influence behaviors in a sustainable manner.

The Level I Course includes four-days of immersion training (typically Monday through Thursday).  Tim Autrey unveils the “why” behind each of the key elements of the approach.  Each of the Leadership and Mastery training modules are dissected and developed.  You will know where the psychological triggers lie within each method, tool, or tactic, and will gain keen insight into how to put them to best use.

Who should attend PPC Level I Certification?                                   

  • Senior business/organization leaders who want profound understanding of sustainable next-level human performance.
  • Managers and department heads desiring to maximize their ability to influence.
  • Supervisors and coordinators tasked with improving human performance.
  • Champions / Influencers who want to play a key role in generating / sustaining next-level performance.

What’s involved in the Level I Certification Process?        

  • Prior to attending the scheduled Course, you will be sent several texts and be granted access to the online PPC Pre-work Resource Library.  We will send you a schedule of pre-work assignments for you to complete prior to your scheduled Certification Course.
  • You will be asked to prepare a five-minute presentation on, “Your greatest current challenge to human performance improvement,” and to give that presentation on Day One of the Course.
  • You will be asked to sign a Photo Release Form at the outset of the Course.
  • Tim Autrey will provide you with in-depth understanding of the psychology of Practicing Perfection® during the four days of immersion training.
  • You will have “homework” to complete each evening.
  • For a complete list of Learning Objectives, click here.
  • You will receive a copy of each of the following:
    • Leadership Training Manual
    • Mastery Training Manual
    • Error Elimination Tools™ Handbook
    • Error Elimination Tools™ User Guide
    • Practicing Perfection® Continuous Improvement (PPCI) Manual
  • Upon successful completion of the Course, you will receive a graduation certificate, awarding you PPC Level I Certification status.
  • As a Level I PPC Certified professional, you will be granted access to the PPC Level I Membership Portal, where you will have access to the PPC Level I Forum, as well as specific updates to Practicing Perfection® strategies and tactics.

PPC Level II Certification (Six-Day Curriculum)

PPC Level II Certification is designed to maximize the effectiveness and capabilities of those desiring to facilitate/teach Practicing Perfection® Mastery and/or HU Basic Training Courses within their organizations.

When individuals with the right level of passion and presentation skill achieve Level II Certification, they can greatly increase the percent Return on Investment (ROI) for implementation of Practicing Perfection® by conducting Mastery Training sessions internally (without the extended need for support by PPI Master Facilitators).

As a PPC Level II Certification participant, you will complete the Level I (Four-Day) Certification described above, and then remain for an additional two days (typically Friday and Saturday) of interactive facilitator skills immersion training.

In addition to the materials provided for Level I Certification, Level II participants also receive:

    • A set of Instructor Guides (both text and mind map versions) and PowerPoint slides for teaching the full curriculum of Practicing Perfection®Mastery Training.
    • A set of Instructor Guides (both text and mind map versions) and PowerPoint slides for teaching the full curriculum of Practicing Perfection®HU Basic Training.
    • A full set of Practicing Perfection® Exercise Guides.
    • A flash drive containing digital files of all of the training materials indicated above, plus:
      • A video clip library.
      • Instructional videos where Tim Autrey is teaching key pieces of the Practicing Perfection® approach.
      • Resource files with forms and templates needed for Practicing Perfection® implementation.
      • Access to the PPC Level II Membership Portal, which in addition to Basic and PPC Level I access, also provides you with the PPC Facilitators Forum and the online digital library of training material, resource, and video updates.

Who should attend PPC Level II Certification?

Those who desire to facilitate/teach Practicing Perfection® Mastery and/or HU Basic Training sessions within their organization.

What’s involved in the Level II Certification Process?

NOTE:    While not mandatory,it is extremely beneficial for those attending Level II Certification to observe an ongoing Practicing Perfection® training session prior to attending the Certification Course.  If you are planning on attending Level II Certification, you may call our office at (877) 832-9492 and we will let you know what upcoming observation opportunities are available.

Classroom Phase

In addition to the Level I (Four-Day) curriculum described above, as a Level II participant, you will receive two additional days of interactive training designed specifically to help you hone your abilities to effectively teach/facilitate Practicing Perfection® Mastery Training and HU Basic Training classes.  The two additional days of immersion training include:

    • Introduction and overview of all of the “backstage” materials behind Practicing Perfection® facilitation.
    • How to maximize acute opportunities to influence as a facilitator.
    • The specific “whys” and “hows” of teaching/facilitating critical elements of the Practicing Perfection® approach.
    • Review of the Practicing Perfection® Exercise Guides, including the underlying intent and key points of impact of each
    • Specially developed tactics on how to make your training sessions entertaining as well as educational (Education + Entertainment = Engagement).
    • An opportunity to present a selected topic, which will be video-taped. You will receive coaching on your presentation. Your session will be loaded onto your flash drive for you to take home with you.

For the full set of PPC Level II Learning Objectives, click here.

Practical Phase

Once you have completed the classroom portion of the PPC Level II curriculum, you will enter into your practical phase.

During this phase, a PPI Master Facilitator will observe and mentor you through facilitation of all (8) modules of the Mastery Training curriculum in a live training environment (typically during implementation sessions within your organization).

Once you have completed each of the modules to the satisfaction of your PPI mentor, the PPI Director for your Sector will review your mentor’s comments, and once satisfied, will sign your qualification as PPC Level II Certified.

With your PPC Level II Certification, you will receive a License, authorizing you to teach Practicing Perfection® Mastery and Practicing Perfection HU Basic Training sessions within your sponsoring organization for a full two years.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How will becoming certified benefit me / my organization?

Our world has become filled with cliché “quick fixes” to complex problems.  We’ve become awash with buzzwords, catchphrases, and “sayings of the day”, which unfortunately tend to offer only surface-level lip service in a world too ‘busy’ to get to the root of the real issues.

Genuine challenges require critical thinking and depth of understanding.  When it comes to human performance however, the last thing you want is to attempt to teach academic science/theory to workforce members who simply desire to get their work done!

What’s needed is an approach that synthesizes and utilizes complex underlying behavioral and organizational psychology (getting to the root of the real issues), while coming across as fast, simple, and easy during its implementation.  This is precisely the makeup of the Practicing Perfection® approach- to provide a great deal of, as Oliver Wendell Holmes put it, “simplicity on the far side of complexity.”

When helping to implement the Practicing Perfection® approach, our master facilitators provide you, your leadership team, and all of your team members with insights into exactly WHAT to do to achieve and sustain next-level human performance.  The complex psychology is “built-in” under the surface.

During Certification, we drill down below the “what”, to teach you the underlying WHY(s) behind each of its key elements.  We reveal the psychological strategies and behavioral triggers that make this approach so impactful and its results so sustainable.

As a Leader, Level I Certification will greatly increase your ability to influence and effectively interact with the other members of your organization.  You will be given the tools (and the understanding of why they work) to become a master of influence.

As a trainer / facilitator, Level II Certification will not only arm you with the underlying knowledge and awareness, but provide you with the opportunity to develop your skills as a master of influence within your organization.

Why would I want to attend the six-day (Level II) Certification Course rather than the four-day (Level I) Certification Course?

Level II Certification is specifically designed for those who want to teach/facilitate Practicing Perfection® Mastery and/or HU Basic Training courses.  It offers two additional days of interactive classroom immersion training (typically the Friday and Saturday of the Certification week).

During the Level II Certification process, you will be given further insights into how to maximize your influence in the adult training environment.  You will also have the opportunity to give presentations in a structured setting, and be mentored on your skills.

Why is there “pre-work” involved with the Certification Course, and what is involved?

Because we want to maximize the value of your time during the Certification Course, we want to put as much energy as possible into the underlying “WHYs” of the Practicing Perfection® approach.  In order to do this, we ask that you and your fellow participants complete a set of pre-work assignments so that you come prepared with a basic understanding of the “what” involved with this next-level approach to human performance.

Once you register, you will receive a link to your pre-work assignments.  Your assignments will include:

    • Viewing a selection of online training videos
    • Reading (3) PPI Special Reports, including, “Viral Accountability™:  When ‘Good Enough’ is NOT an Option”
    • Reading designated sections within  five books that will be shipped to you
    • Preparing a five-minute presentation on your greatest current human performance challenge

In order to complete your pre-work as conveniently as possible, it is recommended that you register for the Course as soon as you decide to attend.

NOTE:  If you are attending Level II Certification, it is recommended that you observe either a Leadership or Mastery Training Course in progress at one of our Multiplier Organizations prior to attending your Course training week.  To find out what opportunities are available, contact Cheryl at (877) 832-9492.

What is the significance of the “PPC” designation?

Human performance is globally evolving as the latest frontier within which to achieve greater safety, greater efficiencies, and ultimately, greater profitability.  While tremendous progress has been made in human error reduction within specific industries over the past two decades, there has also come a realization that past methods of ‘controlling’ and/or ‘demanding’ specific behaviors is not a sustainable method for improving performance.

Since its inception in 2005, the Practicing Perfection® approach has proven to be extremely effective at generating sustainable behavior change within organizations worldwide.  For those industries that have already exerted substantial efforts to reduce human error and enhance behavioral safety, Practicing Perfection® offers either (1) a method to achieve results desired but not achieved through the old ‘top-down’ approach, or (2) a method to break away from a plateau in performance.

The designation of “PPC” is awarded by PPI to those individuals who meet the requirements set forth by the Institute.

      • For the designation of PPC Level I, this involves successful completion of the four-day (Level I) Certification Course.
      • For the PPC Level II designation, this involves (1) successful completion of the six-day (Level II) course of instruction, as well as completion of your qualification under the mentorship of a PPI Master Facilitator.

Acquiring the professional designation of “PPC” (Practicing Perfection® Certified) will identify you as an individual thoroughly knowledgeable in how to achieve and sustain Next-Level Human Performance™.

Is the Certification Course “difficult”?

You will find Practicing Perfection® Certification training to be one of the most intense training courses you have ever attended.  Our intent is to arm you with as much insight and awareness as we possibly can during out time together.  This being said, all of the content is developed to maximize your understanding.  The Certification Course is not intended to be academic.  It is practical.

As with life, you will get out of it whatever you are willing to put into it.  Complete your pre-work, come engaged with critical thinking and a genuine desire to grab as much for yourself as you possibly can, and you will find the experience to be (1) incredibly enriching, (2) a bit exhausting, and (3) energizing.  You will leave the Course ever-more inspired and committed to do whatever you can to help make the world a safer and better place.

What will becoming “Certified” enable me to do?

Level I Certification will provide you with the best training currently available on the psychology of leadership and influence.  When put into proper action, the insights and awareness you will gain during the Course will:

      • Expand your personal context regarding your role as a leader and the opportunities before you
      • Greatly increase your understanding of and ability to influence the behaviors of other human beings
      • Help you to KNOW exactly HOW to achieve and sustain Viral Accountability™ within your organization
      • Offer you in-depth insights into the psychology of human error and HOW to effectively deploy (get workers to actually use) the Error Elimination Tools™
      • Give you the tools for engaging and coaching others based upon principles, thereby maximizing sustainable upward momentum as “one team™”

Upon completion of Level II Certification (both classroom and practical phases), you will be licensed by the Institute to teach/facilitate both Practicing Perfection™ Mastery and HU Basic Training courses within your organization.

What if we have a large organization and would like to schedule an “in-house” Certification Course?

This is common practice for larger organizations, and can result in substantial reductions in the per-participant tuition.  In-house Certification Courses are often taught at client facilities, also reducing/eliminating travel costs for your organization.

If you think in-house Certification might work for your organization and would like to know more about the process, use online contact, or call Cheryl at (877) 832-9492.

How can I “sell” the benefits of getting certified to my boss? 

Improving safety and reducing human error are no longer a ‘luxuries’ or elective ‘soft skills’ training for your organization.  Far from being simply a means to improve efficiency and customer satisfaction, these arenas are now directly related to your viability and competitiveness.

If your company does business with the government, the military, or any of a multitude of large organizations, your safety record and human performance statistics can and will play an ever-increasing role in contract award and evaluation of the worthiness of your firm as compared to your competitors.

At this point, the choice is simple- subscribe to one of the ‘old school’ approaches, which have proven to be (at best) marginally effective and rarely (if ever) sustainable, or do the research on the effectiveness and sustainability of Practicing Perfection®.

If you are leading from the middle, attending Certification is one of the best means possible for your organization to gain ‘inside knowledge’ of HOW and WHY this approach is so effective.

If desired, we can provide you with a list of client references that you may contact.  You can even arrange a benchmarking trip to one of our Multiplier Organizations if you would like.

If you are interested in calculating your Return on Investment (ROI) of reducing human error within your organization, use our ROI Calculator (the first-ever instrument for calculating tangible dollar return on training in human performance).

If you still need help, you can request a teleconference with Tim Autrey or one of the PPI Directors and your boss / senior leadership team by either using online contact, or by calling Cheryl at (877) 832-9492.

Any other questions?

If you have questions that remain unanswered, use online contact, or call Cheryl at (877) 832-9492.


Upcoming Certification Opportunities

PPI is currently conducting several Certification Courses per year.  CLICK HERE to see what opportunities are available for you to attend in the near future:

 **We apologize for any inconvenience, but we cannot offer a full refund for Certification.  Credit for future classes only.


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