Microsoft Word - Lee Bio Feb2013 (1).docxLee Lane
Director – Nuclear Generation Services/ Master Facilitator PPI
Principal – Director of Operations – PPI Canada
Toll free (877) 530-6363


Mr. Lane has spent over 33 years in commercial nuclear organizations, joining Ontario Hydro in May of 1979 as a Plant Operator and receiving Reactor Operator/SRO certification at the Darlington Nuclear Generating Station in 1992. Leading up to his recent retirement in June of 2011, Lee has taken on many roles and initiatives with both Ontario Hydro, and its successor corporation, Ontario Power Generation (OPG).

Lee has held leadership positions in Nuclear Oversight and in Operations training, and holds with qualifications and experience in Nuclear Audit, Classroom and Simulator Instruction, Project Management, Outage Management, Causal Analysis, Nuclear Professional Development, and as a WANO and NIEP peer evaluator.

During his time at OPG, Lee was directly involved in the initial implementation of INPO Human Performance Tools in the 1990’s, fundamental improvement of Clearance tagging & Status control processes and software (WANO strength), development of OPG response to August 2003 Northeast Blackout, response to Fukushima, and INPO SOER 10-2, Engaged, Thinking Organizations.

A member of both Canadian Nuclear Society and American Nuclear Society, Lee has published papers on “Conduct of Operations”; “Computer-Based Logging”; “Plant Status Control”; “Control Center teamwork, Control Center layout, annunciation and design”.

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