hu basic training

Practicing Perfection® HU Basic Training™ is a *half-day interactive course designed specifically to raise worker awareness and levels of commitment, as well as to provide practical training on use of the Error Elimination Tools™.

Within the context of Practicing Perfection®,  HU Basic Training™ is specifically designed for:

  • Heavily dispersed work teams
  • Work teams with high turnover rates
  • Vendors and contractor workforces seeking to elevate their human performance
  • Training of supplemental workforce members (such as prior to an outage, etc.)

This *five-hour training experience expands the working context and sense of internal accountability of its participants. It defines and develops:

  • The importance of the participant’s role relative to successful completion of the project/overall effort
  • Awareness of the opportunity to make a positive difference relative to safety, efficiency, and positive outcomes
  • An internalized sense of Proactive Accountability™
  • The reality that each of us has a choice in how we do our work

The Error Elimination Tools™ are trained in an engaging manner that grabs the attention of the participants.  Following training on each of the Tools, an exercise (appropriate to the discipline being trained) is used to provide practical individual use of the Tools, as well as effective team member interaction.

The HU Basic Training™ session ends with a challenge to each of the participants.

For a list of Practicing Perfection® HU Basic Training™ Learning Objectives, CLICK HERE

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