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Culture determines results…

In order to plot the most efficient and effective course to where you want to go, you must first understand where you are starting from.  For many organizations, this comes down to what Jim Collins referred to in his book, Good to Great, as “Confronting the Brutal Facts.” At PPI, we believe it is best to begin your journey to next-level human performance by first understanding your organization’s current strengths and challenges.  This is exactly what the Practicing Perfection® Culture Profile is designed to accomplish.

The process of developing your Culture Profile typically includes:

1. Analysis and assessment of current/recent organization data relative to human error, safety, corrective actions, etc. 2. Onsite observations and interviews 3. An online Culture Survey made available to all members of your [targeted] organization The Practicing Perfection® Culture Survey is the only survey in existence specifically designed to analyze the error-likeliness of your organization.  It gathers responses from your team members, the results of which generate a graphical representation of the error-likeliness of your organization in five key areas:

  • Systems and Structures
  • Commitment and Caring
  • Openness and Awareness
  • Error-likely Environment
  • Willingness to Learn

Combining the insights gathered from the analysis of your current records, onsite observations and interviews, and the results of your Survey, we prepare a Culture Profile Report.

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The Report provides graphical and qualitative analysis, as well as Conclusions and Recommendations.  The results are presented cross-organizationally, as well as (typically) for each natural work team.  Additional slices look at the data by job title and longevity.  This serves to identify areas of both strength and challenge across (and within) the organization. Your Culture Profile serves two primary functions in your journey to next-level human performance:

  1. It provides a baseline of your organizational culture prior to implementation, which can be compared to subsequent Culture Profiles as a gauge of (beneath the surface) cultural improvement.
  2. It provides a gap analysis, offering insights into where specific focus should be placed during the training sessions and initial/subsequent stages of implementation.

If you would like to see a [sample] Culture Profile Report, CLICK HERE. If you would like to gain specific insight into how the Culture Profile process might work for your organization, please Contact Us, and we will be happy to assist you.

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