Welcome to Practicing Perfection Canada Limited!

Visiting our site is the first step in learning how you can improve the overall health of your company. Although Canadian industries have made significant steps forward in technology and process improvement, there remains tremendous untapped potential in our people, across all sectors. With Practicing Perfection® now operating in Canada, Canadian organizations have a unique opportunity to make considerable improvements in error reduction, human performance and overall organizational effectiveness.

When there is no room for error, Practice Perfection.

Practicing Perfection Canada Limited is the newest branch of the globally operating organization, The Practicing Perfection Institute (PPI). The purpose of the PPI is to promote the achievement of our vision,

“Event-free, world wide – one life at a time”

through training and implementation of error reduction strategies in a variety of industries, such as Nuclear, Aviation, Health Care and many more.

Practicing Perfection Canada is proud to be associated with:

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